Poland: Business opportunities for Swiss SMEs in the healthcare system

Many investments are currently being made in the Polish healthcare sector, offering excellent business opportunities for Swiss providers of medical technology and equipment. Government expenditure for the healthcare system has doubled since 2006 and currently amounts to approximately 17 billion euros. The largest component of this sum – 7.6 billion euros – is spent on treatments in hospitals.


Millions in expenditure for new hospitals in Poland
Millions in expenditure for new hospitals in Poland

Poland intends to improve the availability and quality of healthcare, and is both building new hospitals and modernizing existing facilities. Alongside government financing, EU funding is also of great importance.

The following new hospitals are currently being built:

  • University Hospital in Kraków (investment value approx. 280 million euros, under construction from 2015 to 2019) with 925 beds and wards: neurosurgery, oncology, toxicology, gastroenterology, cardiology, surgery and facial surgery, pulmonary diseases, ear medicine, urology, allergology, immunology and infectious diseases.
  • Center for non-invasive medicine in Gdańsk (investment value approx. 142 million euros, under construction since 2015, first step should be complete by 2018 and second step by 2020) with 688 beds and wards: obstetrics, neonatology and gynecology, internistic wards, cardiology and cardiosurgery, diabetology, hematology and transplants, oncology with radiotherapy, mental illnesses, geriatrics, operating wing with eight rooms, dermatology and related clinics, center for nuclear medicine and center for sleep medicine.
  • South Hospital in Warsaw (investment value approx. 95 million euros, under construction from 2016 to 2018) with 309 beds including intensive care and wards: emergency services, internal diseases, cardiology, obstetrics with neonatology and gynecology, geriatrics, orthopedics, surgery, psychiatry, specialist counseling and related units for diagnosis and rehabilitation, including a blood bank.
  • Children’s hospital in Poznań (investment value approx. 71 million euros, under construction from 2017/2018 to 2021) with 359 beds and an emergency ward.

The investments in the healthcare system are partly being financed with the help of EU funds. In the 2014-2020 EU perspective under the infrastructure and environment funding program, nearly 470 million euros have been earmarked for investments in the healthcare system.

The objectives of this program are:

  • 60 new pads for emergency helicopters
  • Support for 90 emergency wards in the hospitals
  • Support for 33 supra-regional hospitals (i.e. with more than 30% of patients from other voivodeships) offering the following services: treatment of diseases of affluence, obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, treatment of childhood diseases and related diagnostics
  • 200 million euros for medical devices

In addition, hospitals and polyclinics can benefit from regional funding programs. Out of 31 billion euros, over 10 billion was earmarked for social infrastructure. This will also finance investments in the healthcare system, among other things. Some of these funds have already been allocated. The overview below covers new decisions that have been announced in the last three months. All of them are co-financed by regional EU funding programs.

  • The West Pomeranian Voivodeship will spend 365 million złoty (87 million euros) on investments in a total of 10 hospitals. The projects focus particularly on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of affluence (diabetes, cancer and heart and bone diseases). In the hospitals, new operating rooms and treatment rooms will be built, and modern equipment for areas like resonance and tomography will be purchased.
  • In the Center for Innovative Studies at the University in Białystok, a center for genome sequencing and alaboratory for the study of foods with healing properties will be established. The investment will be worth 188 million złoty (45 million euros), 131.6 million złoty (31 million euros) of which will come from EU funding.
  • The city of Kraków decided to financially support three hospitals to allow them to expand their services. In the John Paul II Hospital, a center for oncology (with a focus on the chest) and transplants will be established. In addition, the facility will be modernized and equipped with a new operating room, recovery room and room for ultrasound examination. The hospital will also purchase modern equipment including magnetic resonance and an RTG device. The Rydygier Hospital will establish a center for maternity and gynecology. The rooms will be modernized and new equipment purchased. The Kraków center for rehabilitation and orthopedics will set up three new operating rooms, a recovery room, new rooms for patients and a blood bank. The hospital will also set up new RTG and ultrasound rooms. The project will include the purchase of equipment. In total, the projects are set to cost 85 million złoty (20 million euros); 67.5 million złoty (16 million euros) will be financed with EU funds.
  • Thirty-seven outpatient clinics and hospitals will be funded in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship with a total of 68 million złoty (16 million euros). As part of the projects, the outpatient clinics are to be renovated and equipped with medical devices such as ultrasound equipment. In addition, a hospital in Wrocław will receive funding for the treatment of AIDS, diabetes and syphilis. Another hospital in Wrocław will be given a grant to purchase mammography equipment.
  • Moreover, the Lower Silesian Voivodeship has earmarked 60 million złoty (14 million euros) for investments in oncology. In Wrocław, a breast unit will be set up and equipped, and a new operating wing will be opened in the future oncology center. Furthermore, new rooms will be created for therapy during prostate cancer, as well as wards for molecular diagnostics and palliative medicine. A new center for radiotherapy will also be built in Jelenia Góra.
  • Two hospitals in Radom (Masovian Voivodeship) will receive 11 million złoty (2.6 million euros) for the introduction of IT systems and e-services. The projects include the introduction of IT systems that are intended to enable online access to results, electronic registration for doctor’s appointments and e-consultations.

If you would like to learn more about the Polish healthcare market, register for a free country consultation or contact our Senior Consultant for Poland, Katalin Dreher-Hajnal.


Universitätsspital in Krakau (Quelle: Collegium Medicum der Jagiellonen Universität in Krakau)


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