Roche opens IT innovation centre

Roche is opening its global IT innovation centre in Kaiseraugst in Aargau this week. The Basel-based pharma giant has invested around one billion Swiss francs in the site.

Image Credit: Roche

Roche is grouping all its IT functions under one roof in Kaiseraugst. Employees will move into three new buildings.

Alongside the global IT innovation centre, the site development accommodates a specialised production building to facilitate the rapid market launch of new medicines. It supplements the existing production and logistics facilities at the Kaiseraugst site. 

Roche has invested a total of around one billion Swiss francs in the strategic expansion of the Kaiseraugst site. The investment comprises a reception building, an auditorium with adjoining visitor centre, staff amenities and enhancements to the general site and parking infrastructure.   

“The number of employees at Kaiseraugst has more than doubled since the year 2000. The siting of the global IT innovation centre and the new production building clearly underlines our commitment to Kaiseraugst and the region as a location,” commented Jürg Erismann, head of the Basel/Kaiseraugst site, in a statement

He added that with Basel, Kaiseraugst forms a central innovation cluster for the company.

In designing the site, Roche put a high priority on sustainability. The façade of the new car park building incorporates one of Switzerland's biggest solar energy systems, for example.


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