Tips for exporting to Latin America

Latin America is becoming increasingly important for Swiss exporters; Swiss expertise and quality are particularly in demand in the region. Free trade agreements with Latin American countries can make exporting even more attractive. To show Swiss SMEs how business is done there, the Latin American Day will be held on 17 April.

Free trade agreements can assist with exports to Latin America
Free trade agreements can assist with exports to Latin America

This event is organized by Swizterland Global Enterprise and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce. The conference in Zurich will cover the following topics:

  • An informative view into Latin America’s investment climate
  • The development of the relationship between Switzerland and Latin America, as well as the impact on the Swiss economy
  • Company reports regarding hurdles and opportunities in Latin America
  • Networking

“Swiss companies need to have patience in Latin America”

One company that has been operating in Latin America since 2009 and also has a branch there is GEOTEST AG, headquartered in Zollikofen (BE). It works in the fields of geology, natural hazards, geotechnics, geophysics, geothermal energy, environment, geoinformatics and building preservation, as well as measuring and testing. Environmental sustainability also plays a role. In the following interview, Bernhard Krummenacher, Member of the Management Board of Geotest AG, tells us about their experiences in Latin America.

Bernhard Krummenacher, what kind of experience have you had in Latin America so far?
Our experience in Latin America has been mainly positive, even when projects are plagued by many setbacks. An offer requires a lot of effort and the waiting times are long. Swiss companies need a lot of patience when exporting to Latin America.

What role does cleantech play in Latin America?
We haven’t yet begun with cleantech in this region, but we’re always examining the possibilities.

Where do you see the potential in Latin America?
Our potential lies in special products such as natural hazard assessment, monitoring and early warning, permafrost and glaciers, risk analyzes, cost-effectiveness or geoinformatics. But that's just a handful of our business opportunities. Our chances are especially good where we have little competition. In addition, we can impress with Swissness: we offer high quality in addition to being reliable and punctual.  

Latin American Day in Zurich

Do you want to know more about the business opportunities in Latin America? Meet Bernhard Krummenacher, Member of the Management Board of Geotest AG, and other experts on April 17 at the Latin American Day in Zurich. Additional information

From April 16 to 19, free consultation sessions on the topic of Latin America will take place in Zurich. In addition to our consultant Fabio Speciale, Philippe Praz (Head of Swiss Business Hub Brazil), Ina Gruber (Head of Trade Point Chile) and Rubén Araiza Díaz (Head of Swiss Business Hub Mexico) will also be present. Information and registration


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