Security in cryptospace with Safekee

The Ticino startup Swiss Blockchain Technology has launched Safekee, which is a decentralised security solution for cryptospaces. Safekee is the first solution of its kind and further strengthens the rapidly growing blockchain scene in Ticino.

Image Credit: Safekee

Swiss Blockchain Technology, a startup based in Lugano, has launched the new Safekee solution to enhance the security of crypto assets and the safety of crypto-space users. Safekee is a tool that enables users to securely encrypt and manage their investments. It is a decentralised cold storage solution, meaning that Safekee's global hardware network is physically separated from the internet and therefore cannot be externally hacked.

According to the press release, Safekee is the world’s first secure decentralised cold storage system of its kind. Users of Safekee have a digital wallet, which enables them to manage multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.

According to an article on the portal, Swiss Blockchain Technology has delivered yet another innovative product that elevates Ticino’s status as a flourishing blockchain region. Ticino has a long-standing financial tradition and is now home to ever more companies working in the area of crypto and blockchain. Most recently, the Crypto Valley Association announced that it would also be expanding to Ticino. Based in the Crypto Valley in the canton of Zug, the Association’s mission is to further build up Switzerland’s blockchain ecosystem.

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