Lucerne University launches master’s in Big Data

Students in Lucerne will soon have the opportunity to acquire the skills to become a data specialist. The university is launching its master’s degree Applied Information and Data Science in autumn 2018.

Hochschule Luzern
Image Credit: Lucerne University

The new master’s programme offers scientifically substantiated and application-oriented specialist management training, explained Lucerne University in a statement. It is open to all students with a bachelor’s degree from a university or applied sciences college.

Lucerne University describes data as the “21st century resource”, adding that it has increasing influence over our daily life and work. With the rapidly growing availability of data, says the university, traditional business models are facing new challenges.

It follows that there is great demand for specialist workers and management with data skills.

“Our students should develop a feeling for the economic and societal potential of data and be able to tap into this potential with the help of modern data technologies and analysis methods,” explained course director Andreas Brandenberg.

He added that it was important to raise students’ awareness of the legal, ethical and social issues associated with the wide use and application of data.

According to the statement, the new master’s combines findings from disciplines such as social sciences, information technology, design, statistics, management and law. It involves different departments from Lucerne University, including economics, art and design, information technology and architectur

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