Microsoft setting up data centres in Switzerland

Microsoft is planning to establish new data centres in Switzerland by 2019. They will be located in the cantons of Zurich and Geneva. The IT giant intends to offer various cloud services to companies, institutions and organisations from these data centres.

Microsoft data centre
Microsoft is planning to establish new data centres in Switzerland by 2019. (Image credit: Microsoft)

The cloud services from the new data centres in the cantons of Geneva and Zurich are expected to be offered from 2019. Microsoft is aiming this service at companies, institutions and organisations in Switzerland, contributing to the digital transformation as a result. In a press release, Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, said that this move lays out the company’s commitment to Switzerland.

The finance sector is one of the most important target groups for cloud services. According to the release, Microsoft has engaged deeply with financial institutions and their regulators in Switzerland for a number of years. Swiss Re, a reinsurance company from Zurich, is revealed as a potential client. “Microsoft’s decision to now offer cloud services from data centres in Switzerland means we can better provide innovative solutions to our clients,” commented René Turra, Head Property & Casualty IT at Swiss Re.

The cloud services offered by Microsoft are especially interesting for companies and organisations that handle sensitive data. In addition to the finance industry, Microsoft mentions the health and public sectors.

Microsoft’s cloud services include Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

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