Bühler builds ultra-modern coffee processing plant

The industrial technology company Bühler is to build the world’s most modern coffee processing plant. Thanks to biogas, the plant will have the lowest emissions globally possible.

Bühler CEO Stefan Schreiber
Bühler is to build the world’s most modern coffee processing plant. (Image credit: Bühler Group)

Bühler is building the coffee processing plant for the Norwegian coffee producer Joh. Johansson, announced the company from the St.GallenBodenseeArea in a statement.

“With Bühler, we have found a solution partner that fully understands our sustainability concerns and is capable of putting them to practice,” commented Espen Gjerde, CEO of Joh. Johannson, in the statement.

The plant is scheduled to commence operations in mid-2019. Bühler will supply the complete process technology required, including multiple heat exchangers, which collect heat and store the energy in water tanks.   

This energy will be used for powering the roasting process and preheating the coffee beans, but also for heating offices and laboratories. The technology will result in a 50 per cent reduction in the energy consumption of the roasting process.  

Solar cells will provide the remaining power required. The off-gas purification units can also store energy, which can then be returned to the process.

“This project stands to boost our competitiveness in the marketplace. The system’s energy consumption, slashed to the absolute minimum, is not only extremely sustainable, but also makes sound business sense. In the processing industries, energy accounts for as much as 10% of the total cost,” said Gjerde.

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