“Globalization gives us completely new opportunities”

Open markets, free trade and new business opportunities: Swiss companies benefit from all this thanks to globalization. At the same time, however, protectionist measures are also increasing, which could place Swiss export projects in jeopardy. At this year's Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) CEO Roundtable in Zurich at the beginning of February, Daniel Küng, CEO of S-GE, discussed how Swiss companies can develop in this field of tension with S-GE's strategic partners (Data Quest, AXA, PwC, Credit Suisse (Switzerland) AG, International SOS and SERV).

Dave Gleixner, Member of the Executive Committee of Data Quest: “We need to develop new, creative additional offers and services.”
Dave Gleixner, Member of the Executive Committee of Data Quest: “We need to develop new, creative additional offers and services.”

Outpace the competition with additional services

On the one hand, globalization creates new export opportunities for Swiss companies; on the other, it opens up the market for the competition. The Swiss ICT company Data Quest AG witnessed this development first hand and describes an example: “We had been supplying the airline ‘Swiss’ for many years, but we were put to the test when it was taken over by Lufthansa,” explains executive board member Dave Gleixner. “Lufthansa looked into procuring technical components from Germany. We couldn’t be completely competitive on price in this regard, but we did offer a unique level of service.” He says that Lufthansa was so impressed by this level of service that the business remained in Switzerland. This additional offer could now pay off again for the ICT company: “We’re currently examining whether we can export our services and services to other countries,” said Gleixner, adding: “Despite competition, globalization suddenly gives us a whole new set of new opportunities.”

Service make the difference

Dave Gleixner is convinced that just this kind of service must be developed in order to stand out from the competition to do this, however. He says that companies must therefore rethink their own products and services, develop something new and demonstrate clear added value. Good innovations are the prerequisite, says Dave Gleixner: “To achieve this, we must be able to experiment. We need to develop new, creative additional offers and services that are not comparable with those of our competitors and that cannot be imitated.” In addition to uniqueness, he sees further potential in Swissness: “This label already gives us a competitive advantage in the market: it is associated with quality.” For Dave Gleixner, the additional offers and the Swissness label are two decisive factors for Swiss companies when it comes to establishing themselves on the growing global world market and setting themselves apart from the competition.

Of course, we encounter protectionism. We seek to overcome these hurdles with a lot of dedication.

Switzerland First

With this strategy of Swissness and unique additional offers, Data Quest AG also intends to launch its own new developments, grow internationally and open up new markets. “We are not yet a global company, but we’re working on it.” Data Quest AG doesn't just have to face off the competition to pull this off. It must also overcome protectionist hurdles. “Of course, we encounter protectionism,” says Dave Gleixner and adds: “It affects us in the form of laws in various countries and hits us with customs or transport regulations.” However, he says that a lot of dedication helps to deal with protectionist measures. Dave Gleixner clearly supports free trade and sees enormous opportunities in globalization for his company. Nevertheless, he concludes that: “A healthy dose of protectionism doesn’t hurt, in my opinion. Switzerland also puts Switzerland First in certain areas, which is good for promoting and strengthening the home economy.”

In this video interview, Data Quest's Executive Committee Member Dave Gleixner discusses the challenges of dealing with protectionist measures and how to overcome these hurdles (in Swiss German).



About Dave Gleixner

Dave Gleixner is a member of Data Quest AG’s Executive Committee and heads the Group’s Business and School Customer division. From mechanical engineering (robotic prototyping) to marketing and communications consulting, Gleixner hasproven a success in sales and strategic ICT consultation. Gleixner has been with Data Quest AG since 2001 and has continuously expanded and optimized the company's scope of business over the past 17 years.

About Data Quest

Data Quest has been specializing in Apple products and related services, as well as complete, enterprise-grade solutions for 25 years. In the summer of 2017, Data Quest AG received the Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller partner status. Data Quest offers a broad range of Apple business solutions, as well as cross-competency IT infrastructure/architecture expertise and project experience in cloud, network, communication & collaboration, mobility and security. Its range of solutions is complemented by an extensive service portfolio over the entire product life cycle.


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Aussenwirtschaftsforum am 26. April in der Messe Zürich

Treffen Sie Dave Gleixner am diesjährigen Aussenwirtschaftsforum am 26. April 2018 in der Messe Zürich und diskutieren Sie mit weiteren spannenden Experten, KMU und Referenten zu Freihandelsabkommen und Handelshürden im Export.

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