Three Swiss cities among top 10 for quality of life

Zurich, Geneva and Basel remain among the top ten cities in the world for highest quality of living, according to the latest annual survey by global consulting company Mercer. Zurich ranks second best, only surpassed by Vienna.

people chatting at Paradeplatz in Zurich
A good life: Living conditions in Zurich are considered the second highest in the world.

The Quality of Living city ranking is conducted annually by Mercer to help companies and organizations compare different locations when considering where to open a new office. The results are based on a survey with expatriates on how they evaluate living conditions in 450 cities globally, 231 of which are included in the ranking. The categories that are being analyzed include factors such as political stability, health care, education, crime, sanitation and infrastructure.

As in the years before, Zurich boasts the second highest quality of living in the world. The Swiss city is only surpassed by Vienna and followed by Munich, Auckland and Vancouver. Two other Swiss cities also held on to their top ten ranking of the previous year: Geneva (8) and Basel (10).

Switzerland in best position to attract and retain talent

"With increasing globalization and changing demographic of the workforce -- attracting and retaining the right talent is set to be one of the key challenges for businesses over the next five years," commented Ilya Bonic, senior partner and president of Mercer's career business.

As this year’s Talent Competitiveness Index (published by INSEAD in January) demonstrated, Switzerland continues to be in the world’s best position to tackle this challenge. The country was ranked first at excelling and retaining domestically developed talent, particularly by offering an ideal economic environment in terms of its regulatory, market, as well as business and labor landscapes.

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