Business Opportunities in Spain: The Highway Sector

The Spanish government has presented the “Extraordinary Plan for Investment in Roads”, a new financing mechanism for road infrastructures that entails an investment of 5 billion euros and that will cover more than 2,000 kilometers in the next 4 years.

A new financing mechanism for road infrastructures entails an investment of 5 billion euros in Spain.
A new financing mechanism for road infrastructures entails an investment of 5 billion euros in Spain.

The “Extraordinary Plan for Investment in Roads” (Plan Extraordinario de Inversión en Carreteras, PIC), the biggest private investment plan in the highway sector since 2006, will avoid burdening the public budget, thanks to a funding mechanism based on public-private partnership that will also be guaranteed European funding through the European Investment Bank. Moreover, projects planned in this extraordinary investment plan can be financed under the European Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe (EC IPE).

The plan’s measures, which include investments in more than 20 major highway corridors, will improve the safety of the road network as well as reduce the accident rate, CO2 emissions and the noise of routes that pass near populated areas. Some of the larger projects will take place in the following areas:

- Murcia’s beltway
- Highway (A-1) Madrid-Santo Tomé del Puerto.
- Highway (A-4) Madrid-Andalusia
- Highway (A-5) Madrid-Badajoz
- Highway (A-6) Madrid-Galicia
- Highway (A-2) Igualada-Martorell

Measures related to road infrastructure are particularly needed, given that 90% of passenger transport and 93% of goods transported in Spain are carried by road. In addition, Spain hosts more than 75 million tourists annually, of which more than 18% come by car. Spain has 26,000 kilometers of state roads and 16,281 kilometer of high-capacity roads.

How you can benefit from these opportunities

Owing to their expertise in road construction, Swiss SMEs could be part of the highway projects in Spain. If you would like to learn more and benefit from the opportunities related to the highway sector in Spain, please get in touch with our S-GE Consultant for Spain, Beat Kuster, or the Swiss Business Hub Spain.


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