India - ready for cleantech from Switzerland

India is growing rapidly and will be investing huge sums into technologies and infrastructures over the next few years – an interesting market for Swiss SMEs, especially cleantech companies.

India wants to invest $31 billion US dollars into smart cities.
India wants to invest $31 billion US dollars into smart cities.

A huge country with enormous tasks: More than 1.3 billion people currently live in India, and by 2050 this will probably grow to between 1.6 and 1.8 billion – half of whom will live in cities. The Indian government faces the challenge of using prudent urban planning to ensure quality of life and sustainable development. It relies on expertise from countries that have been engaging with sustainability for a long time. One example is Switzerland, which, according to the Environmental Performance Index 2018, is the worldwide leader in terms of air quality and climate protection; this in contrast to India, which can be found at the other end of the list.

Gigantic investments are pending

Investments of more than $126 billion US dollars are planned over 20 years just for drinking water supply and sanitary needs. Drinking water treatment and supply will cost more than $9 billion US dollars by 2020, wastewater management will reach $7 billion. The tenders are correspondingly huge.

Waste disposal can also expect enormous investments. According to an infrastructure report by the Indian government, over 770 billion US dollars will made available between 2012 and 2032. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs intends to invest a further 31 billion in smart cities. When it comes to energy production, the topic of waste-to-energy is of particular interest, and solar systems can also expect large investments.

Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

In addition to financial resources, these tasks also require expertise, particularly in areas such as engineering, procurement and construction services, for biological processes, filtration, energy generation by waste, technology and equipment as well as monitoring and testing facilities. An opportunity for Swiss cleantech companies to open up a new market in India.

Swiss companies currently enjoy a good reputation in India, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial equipment and precision instruments, where quality, precision and reliability are valued.

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