Multiglobal company launches microgrids solutions based on Swiss technology

During its Annual Innovation Summit in Paris, the Fortune Global 500 company, Schneider Electric (SE), launched Villaya, a new class of highly disruptive industrial-class solar microgrid solutions. Behind the solution is the state-of-the-art retractable solar racking technology of Swiss startup PWRstation.

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Switzerland is at the forefront of innovative and powerful clean technology.

PWRstation is Swiss-based solar energy product developer that designs and markets a proprietary industrial-class retractable PV racking technology under the brand EXOracTM - engineered to radically simplify and accelerate PV deployments, enable deployments of variable durations, and provide end users the ability to relocate solar assets as needed. EXOrac serves as the central component that is defining an entirely new class of disruptive transportable, plug-and-play solar microgrid solutions that remove the complexities, time and cost of traditional solar installations.

Schneider Electric, a European multinational corporation providing energy solutions, implemented PWRstation’s technology for the development of Villaya, a containerized, transportable plug & play solar solution that overcomes the challenges of traditional solar installations including 20-year minimum land requirements, long order-to-activation cycles, on-site construction crews, and high upfront capital. With Villaya, end users receive and instantly deploy fully operating solar microgrids for immediate electricity generation in off-grid environments.

This solution is central to Schneider Electric’s all-important “Access to Energy” initiative aimed at providing today’s 1.3 billion people without any electricity access to reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy. Villaya is applicable in critical applications including emergency response, humanitarian / NGO, rural electrification, remote mining and construction, island and defense.

“Villaya is a perfect example of PWRstation’s retractable EXOractm racking technology in action,” says PWRstation Chief Commercial Officer Gianfranco Albertella. “The ability to retract a 120 solar panel redeployable microgrid in a matter of minutes to produce 135 kWp of electricity is about to become the standard for off grid applications.”

While Schneider and PWRstation solar solutions mainly target businesses in previously mentioned commercial areas, both companies are deeply committed to serving the humanitarian and emergency sectors. Schneider Electric and PWRstation collaborate with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in providing various solutions to refugee camps throughout the world.

PWRstation Chief Business Development Officer Ludovic Roche says, “We are seeing an unprecedented demand for self-sustainable, transportable emergency energy assets in severe weather-prone areas where hurricane incidents are on the rise, and in remote areas where development is surging.” He adds, “PWRstation’s integration partners around the world are developing a host of highly versatile solutions using our retractable solar racking technology as a core ingredient for rapid deployment.”

EXOrac solar racking technology is available to system integrators in kits or under licensing agreement.

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