University centre for abdominal patients to open in Basel

The University Hospital of Basel and St. Claraspital hospital are joining forces to establish a university centre for abdominal patients, due to open on 1 January 2019. This strengthening of university medicine in the region is supported by the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

Unispital Basel
Image Credit: Grubyak/Wikimedia Commons

The joint university centre for abdominal patients will be dedicated to abdominal surgery and gastroenterology, as was reported in a press release from the Department of Health of Basel-Stadt (BS) and the Department for Economic Affairs and Health of Basel-Landschaft (BL). The two Department Heads – Lukas Engelberger (BS) and Thomas Weber (BL) – welcome and support the new centre. The Federal Councillor of Basel-Stadt also provided the necessary approval.

The new centre for abdominal patients will be able to manage a case-load of “highly specialised procedures in the abdominal area and gastroenterology”. This is expected to strengthen the standing of advanced medicine in the Basel area. The two hospitals have successfully carved out a leading position at both national and international level in the fields of abdominal surgery and gastroenterology, spanning medical services and nursing care as well as innovation and research. In addition, the population of northern Switzerland stands to benefit from this top-level medical care. The new centre will also attract researchers and employees.

The press release highlights the “pioneering nature” of “this alliance between a public-sector institution and a private hospital” for Switzerland as a whole. 

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