Switzerland demonstrates excellence in sports tech at 2018 Sports Technology Awards in London

The UK is a one of the leading sports nation in the world. With its incomparable density of international sports organizations, Switzerland is unanimously recognized in the UK as a political center for sports and features as partner nation at this year Sports Technology Awards in London. On 3 May 2018, several selected Swiss sports tech companies will compete in the finals presenting their innovative solutions and products to improve performance and engage spectators.

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Swiss sport tech companies offer innovative solutions to improve athletes’ performances.

Switzerland features as partner nation at the fifth Sports Technology Awards (STA) that takes place in London on 3 May 2018. STA is a unique celebration of technology-led innovation across sports worldwide and the leading event for the global sports industry. The Awards attracts entries from over 30 countries and five continents, representing more than 50 sports; they are judged by a panel of 32 experts, including industry leaders and former and current elite athletes such as Ben Ryan (Olympic Champion Rugby Coach), Luke Bodensteiner (Chief of Sport, US Ski and Snowboard), and Betsy Grider MD (Technology Development and Integration NASCAR).

Swiss sports tech startups nominated for finals

The UK is a one of the leading Sports nation in the world. With its incomparable density of international sports organizations, Switzerland is unanimously recognized in the UK as a political center for Sports. Demonstrating Switzerland’s excellence in technological innovation, several Swiss sports tech developers haven been selected to compete in the award categories Best Technology for Athlete Welfare, Best New Concept or Innovation, Best Participation Technology, Best Technology for Fan Engagement, Most Innovative Sports Equipment or Apparel and Best Broadcaster or Live Sports Experience. The selected Swiss companies compete against industry giants such as Puma, Juventus, Gatorade or Audi. The winners for 2018 will be announced on May 3rd.

The list of Swiss nominees includes:

Lausanne-based company is up for a Sports Tech Award for Best Elite Performance Technology & Best Technology for Athlete Welfare for the its non-invasive, central nervous-system measuring and monitoring tool. The user-friendly interface allows connecting easily with all kinds of smart devices. 


The Swiss startup introduced a total breakthrough with respect to traditional ski boots. DAHU ski boots combine après-ski comfort with outer shell performance. The result surpasses the expectations from a traditional ski boot, with greater comfort and versatility.

ETHZ Cybathlon

The Cybathlon is the world’s first championship for athletes with motor disabilities who use robotic technologies to compete in specialized disciplines. It is organized as a non-profit and charitable event under the umbrella of ETH Zurich and aims to break down barriers between the public, people with disabilities and technology developers.

Fan Pictor

The Swiss start-up invented the Acoustic NetworkTM, offering a highly scalable communications protocol that allows teams to engage and communicate with fans without relying on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cell phone coverage.

The startup invented Pomocup, a ski wearable to help ski tourers increase their pleasure and performance with advanced metrics.


Levuros social media marketing solution improves engagement and social media marketing campaigning. The platform is built for live, mobile, social, OTT and TV.

STYX Powermeter is a wearable cycling power meter. The STYX App learns from past trainings to give users personalized feedback based on advanced Magnes artificial intelligence learning algorithms.


iRewind is an integrated tech solution that provides sport enthusiasts with multi-angle videos that are directly transmitted to their mobile devices.


The Zurich-based company Yoveo develops videos and acts as a consulting partner on content and technology. With the acquisition of iRewind, Yoveo aims to be a global leader in the technology of personalized mass video production.

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