Accord Healthcare comes to Basel-Landschaft

Accord Healthcare is to headquarter its new Swiss subsidiary in Bottmingen. From its Basel location, the pharmaceutical company plans to establish a Europe-wide presence.

Richard Hummel and James Burt.
Accord Healthcare is to headquarter its new Swiss subsidiary in Bottmingen. (Image credit:

Accord Healthcare hails from India, has its European headquarters in London and is active in oncology, neurology and acute and autoimmune diseases.

With plans to launch a range of generics, biosimilars and novel drugs in the coming years, the company is now opening an office in Switzerland.

“We are expanding into Switzerland to extend our reach and demonstrate our commitment to improving access to more effective, affordable healthcare that betters patients’ quality of life,” commented James Burt, Executive Vice President Europe, in a company statement.

In Switzerland, Accord Healthcare will work with local health experts to “help them access new developments”, according to Burt.   

Richard Hummel, who will head the Bottmingen office, explained: “Switzerland is renowned for its high-quality healthcare, which is why we are planning to introduce added value products with the safest possible applications. This will bring us closer to our vision of becoming one of the biggest European generics companies by 2021.”  

He added that the company would be continually expanding its team in the coming months.

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