Qatar joins the ATA Carnet system

According to the International Chamber of Commerce ICC, the Gulf State will introduce the ATA Carnet system as of August 1, 2018. Companies wishing to bring exhibition items to Qatar may now use this customs procedure.


What is ATA Carnet?

The ATA Carnet (abbreviation for Admission Temporaire - Temporary Admission) is a customs document that allows the duty-free, temporary importation of goods into another country and their subsequent reimportation into Switzerland. Amongst other things, the ATA Carnet saves the importer from having to secure import duties and the customs administration from having to issue national customs documents when crossing the border. In order to use an ATA Carnet, two prerequisites must first be met:

  1. the country of destination for your goods must by party to the ATA Carnet procedure and
  2. the purpose of the goods falls under one of the following three groups: professional equipment, trade fair and exhibition goods, goods samples

78 countries have now joined the ATA Carnet system.


Do you have any questions about ATA Carnet? Contact our ExportHelp team by email or over the phone at 0844 811 812.  


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