“Now is the right time to enter the market in Qatar”

Qatar's economic situation has changed after several countries in the Arab world broke off their ties to the Emirate. Qatar is dependent on new trading partners, such as suppliers from Switzerland.

Qatar needs new trading partners – Swiss products are in demand
Qatar needs new trading partners – Swiss products are in demand

The isolation of Qatar has led to shortages, especially in the food sector. These have been covered by imports from Turkey, Iran and other countries so far, but there is still potential for in the country with its almost 2.7 million inhabitants, and particularly for Swiss products. Ruedi Büchi, Consultant for Middle East at Switzerland Global Enterprise explains that: “Conversations with leading food distributors indicate that there is great demand for high-quality Swiss products.”

Products from the following sectors are particularly sought after right now in Qatar:

  • Dairy products (milk and yoghurt)
  • Confectionery (jam, honey, chocolate, biscuits)
  • Baby food
  • Cereals and muesli
  • Water (in glass bottles)
  • Organic food
  • Canned food
  • Pasta
  • Vegetables (frozen)
  • Backed goods (frozen)

Get to know the local market in Qatar

In order to get to know the country, the culture and the promising business opportunities in Qatar, Switzerland Global Enterprise organized an individual business trip to the country. Over two days, the participating companies met leading food distributors and key decision makers. The market potential in Qatar was examined by the company Holle from Riehen in the canton of Basel-Stadt, among others. “We’ve been focusing on the Middle East for about one and a half years now,” says Angelo Ferrara, Sales Manager at Holle. So far, however, the company has been concentrating on other countries in this region, which is why it opened an office in Dubai. But on closer examination, Qatar also turned out to be an attractive market for Holle: “I wouldn’t have expected that a suspension of supplies from individual Arab states would be an opportunity for the country. It certainly makes a difference whether you read about what happens in the country in the media, or find out for yourself on the ground.”

Angelo Ferrara is convinced that now is the perfect time to enter the market in Qatar. It’s clear that the residents there also want high-quality products. “We’re already talking to partners. I’m convinced that we’ll have a distribution partner in Qatar in the near future.” 

Examine business opportunities in Qatar

Would you like to seize the opportunity and explore your prospects in Qatar’s food sector without obligation? Contact our S&GE consultant Ruedi Büchi for Middle East. Contact now

Individual business trip with S-GE

Do you want to get an impression of your potential target market on the ground? We will gladly organize meetings with market experts, potential customers and official bodies for you. We offer the Fact Finding Mission both as an individual business trip and as a group trip. Additional information


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