Query worldwide tariffs online

New export markets offer new chances of success for Swiss companies. However, new markets also mean dealing with new tariff and non-tariff trade measures. The online customs database exists to give Swiss companies an overview.

Check the import duties in more than 150 countries online
Check the import duties in more than 150 countries online

Switzerland Global Enterprise offers Swiss and Liechtenstein companies free access to the customs database. It contains the following four modules:

  • Nomenclature: This module allows you to query for different nomenclatures.
  • Customs tariffs: The module provides detailed information regarding import duties in more than 150 countries.
  • Import formalities: This module provides a detailed overview of customs procedures for importing goods to more than 100 countries.
  • Rules of origin: This module contains origin protocol list rules for all of Switzerland/the EFTA’s free trade agreements at product level.

You can register here for free access to the customs database (in German).

Customs information for Switzerland and the European Union

If you would like to retrieve information on tariff and non-tariff trade measures in an EU country, we recommend using the EU customs database TARIC. It provides more precise information on customs tariffs in each of the EU Member States.

For Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Customs Administration provides the Customs Tariff (Tares) free of charge over the internet. It lists Swiss import tariffs, explanations regarding the tariffs and decisions regarding tariff classification.


Do you have any questions about customs tariffs, free trade agreements or origins of goods? Contact the ExportHelp Team at Switzerland Global Enterprise. ExportHelp gives you an initial overview of the regulations and requirements for your export project. Our extensive network of experts at home and abroad can expertly and quickly answer your inquiries. Contact now

There is no charge for any inquiries that can be answered immediately or need only a maximum of one hour's research. We guarantee a response within 24 hours. If the scope of the inquiry exceeds this timeframe, or your inquiry goes beyond our knowledge, we will be happy to put you in touch with a suitable expert.

The ExportHelp team answers about 2,000 initial inquiries from Swiss and Liechtenstein companies every year. Additional information

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