Swiss regions show high economic potential

In a recent comparison of 200 regions in Western Europe (BAK Economic Potential Index 2017), Swiss regions score among the top ten. While Zurich stands out as most attractive to talent and companies, Basel tops the list among metropolitan areas.

Novartis Campus in Basel
Pharma giant Novartis is headquartered in Basel.

In a globalized world, regions need to successfully compete to gain their prosperity. The recently published BAK Economic Potential Index Report analyses 200 metropolitan and larger regions throughout Europe according to their economic performance, attractiveness and competitiveness.

Six Swiss regions rank among top ten in Europe

According to the BAK Economic Potential Index 2017, Zurich is the region with the third highest economic potential, following Greater London (2nd) and Stockholm (1st). It is noteworthy that half of the top ten leading areas are Swiss regions (Zurich, Northwestern Switzerland, Lake Geneva region, Central Switzerland and Ticino). The top ten areas have in common that they are all, apart from Greater London, small markets compared to the average. While they are all characterized by a high economic performance and by substantial productivity advantages of their export industries, the Swiss regions stand out in terms of wealth and past growth and offer an attractive fiscal environment for talented employees.

Economic Potential Index (Larger European Administrative Regions):

  1. Stockholm
  2. Greater London
  3. Zurich
  4. Northwestern Switzerland
  5. Oslo and Skershuzs
  6. Lake Geneva region
  7. Central Switzerland
  8. Ticino
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Hamburg

Basel with biggest economic potential

The ranking further compares a selection of 65 metropolitan areas in Western Europe based on their economic potential. Basel took the top spot, thanks to its extraordinarily high economic competitiveness. Geneva followed in second place, and Zurich in fourth with London being placed third. The most attractive region throughout Europe is Zurich for both talents and companies. All Swiss cities scored very well for their past economic performance.

Economic Potential Index (European Metropolitan Areas):

  1. Basel (CH)
  2. Geneva (CH)
  3. London (UK)
  4. Zurich (CH)
  5. Stockholm (SE)
  6. Oslo (NO)
  7. Munich (DE)
  8. Copenhagen (DE)
  9. Paris (FR)
  10. Prague (CZ)

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