Six reasons to register for the Aussenwirtschaftsforum today

The Switzerland Global Enterprise Aussenwirtschaftsforum 2019 is THE annual meeting of the Swiss export economy. Six reasons why you should not miss it.

Aussenwirtschaftsforum 2019: “Europe, US and co.: Growth in mature markets”
Aussenwirtschaftsforum 2019: “Europe, US and co.: Growth in mature markets”

Mature markets such as those in Europe, the US and Japan are the international backbone of Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs because of their economic strength. However, political upheaval, digitization and social trends such as increasing aging are making business more complex and increasing competitive pressure.

At the Aussenwirtschaftsforum 2019, we will discuss the following topic together with participating SMEs, our experts and our 22 Swiss Business Hubs and 5 Trade Points: “Europe, US and co.: Growth in mature markets.” Six reasons to be part of it:

1. Welcome with us our guest of honour Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin

As new Economics Minister, Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin will speak at the Forum about his foreign trade policy and the importance of exports for Switzerland. Guy Parmelin has been Federal Councillor since 2015 and Head of the Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research (WBF) since January 2019. Do not miss a short presentation by Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin at the Aussenwirtschaftsforum on the topic of the year: "Europe, USA and Co.: Growing in mature markets".

2.    Be inspired by exciting keynote speeches and talks

To hold your ground in international markets, you not only need courage, but also impulses and new ideas. At the Aussenwirtschaftsforum, selected Swiss personalities will open up to you about their international business. Inspiration can also be found at the Swiss Business Hub Talk. The heads of the Swiss Business Hubs US, UK, Ireland, and Japan will reveal the areas in which growth opportunities are currently being created for international business here. 

3.    Deepen relevant topics in individual breakout sessions

Swiss SMEs are facing a multitude of complex issues in international markets: How can mature markets be successfully worked through? How should changing market and customer requirements be adapted to? What does customer management mean in the digital age? During the interactive breakout sessions of our partners Credit Suisse, AXA, PwC, SWISS and International SOS, experts will give brief talks followed by a panel discussion on how Swiss SMEs can grow in mature markets. 

4.    Get practical advice from proven experts

The Aussenwirtschaftsforum not only provides inspiration, but also space for practical advice – and from many renowned personalities: During the Executive Talks, Swiss CEOs from major export industries, such as Marion Klein, CEO of the international luggage manufacturer Pack Easy AG, will share their export experience and how their companies successfully operate in mature markets. 


5.    Benefit from useful export knowledge and specific information on potential target markets

Whether it’s concerning questions about dealing with free trade agreements and WTO rules, tips on dealing with market access barriers and barriers to trade, or specific information on business potential in a target market – S-GE’s export consultants, as well as representatives of the 22 Swiss Business Hubs, will be available to answer questions from SMEs at the on all export-related issues at the Aussenwirtschaftsforum.

6.    Network and exchange information with numerous exporters

Switzerland Global Enterprise’s Aussenwirtschaftsforum is THE annual meeting point for Swiss exporters. The breaks between each programme item will give SME representatives time and space to speak with more than 600 participants and numerous SMEs who are facing similar challenges or have already mastered them.

More information about the program and the registration can be found here: 

Aussenwirtschaftsforum 2019


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