Support for start-ups at international trade fairs

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) has signed a multi-year framework agreement with Innosuisse, the Swiss agency for innovation promotion. Innosuisse has commissioned S-GE with the task of supporting Start-ups in their participation in international trade fairs. Find out here about the advantages offered through a participation in a trade fair.

Swiss presence at an international trade fair

Innosuisse supports start-ups’ innovation and internationalization

On behalf of the Swiss federal government, Innosuisse supports science-based innovation in the interests of business and society, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of Swiss SMEs. Innosuisse supports Swiss SMEs and start-ups by providing access to the specific knowledge and resources needed to remain competitive in the digital and global age. This contract also involves the provision of consultation and support for internationalization, which can be achieved with participation in international trade fairs.

Visit international trade fairs with S-GE

Under the auspices of the Innosuisse promotional program, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) undertakes the operational planning, coordination and implementation of international trade fair participation for start-ups on its behalf. Start-ups can choose from a selection of six leading fairs per year, which usually involve participation in a joint stand such as our Swiss Pavilion. In addition, start-ups are offered a further selection of international trade fairs, which can be individually coordinated.

Two possible trade fair models – Exhibitor or Visitor

Young entrepreneurs can participate in international trade fairs in two different ways:

  • “Exhibitor” model: The “Exhibitor” trade fair model includes a standard presence with stand, support, tools and side events. Participants also receive accompanying consultation as part of the preparation for and follow-up to their participation in the trade fair. Additional modules can be booked according to interest. They include on-site business partner meetings, mini roadshows or support with the search for business partners. 
  • “Visitor” model: New companies wishing to attend a trade fair as part of the “Visitor” offer receive a ticket and consultation before and after the trade fair. This model also offers the possibility of individual additional services such as business partner meetings, field trips or support in the search for business partners.

Which companies can benefit from the offer?

New companies that are part of Innosuisse's coaching program and have received the CTI label or an Innosuisse certificate less than 3 years ago can benefit from this offer.

Well taken care of before and after the trade fair appearance

Regardless of whether you want to test the local market, prepare for market entry or start selling your products, participation in a trade fair is worthwhile. Under the auspices of the Innosuisse trade fair program, S-GE not only supports you with the implementation, but also offers professional support and assistance before, during and after the trade fair with individual consultations and workshops. 

Benefit from S-GE's many years of international trade fair experience

Would you like to apply and participate in a trade fair with your company as part of the promotional program?  Salome Aggeler will be happy to assist you in working out your project.

You will find a wide selection of all events here:  Swiss Pavilion

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