Chronoswiss launches 'crypto watches'

Since last autumn it has been possible to pay for luxury Chronoswiss watches using selected cryptocurrencies. Now, the Lucerne-based watchmaker has launched a series of crypto-inspired luxury watches and they are even certified by means of blockchain technology.

Image Credit: Chronoswiss GmbH
Image Credit: Chronoswiss GmbH

Inspired by the concept of cryptocurrencies, Chronoswiss has launched an exclusive special edition of five different models called the Blockchain Series. Each of the five models – Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZAIF, NEM and COMSA – is being produced in a limited edition of just 101 copies each. The first of these watches is the Flying Regulator Open Gear Blockchain Series, Bitcoin – the Currency.

“This special edition Blockchain Series is our homage to cryptocurrencies. It sees Chronoswiss combine the roots of traditional watchmaking with the digital revolution of new global currencies,” said Oliver Ebstein, founder and CEO of Chronoswiss.

The Blockchain Series watches are handcrafted at Chronoswiss in Lucerne “in accordance with the highest Swiss watchmaking standards”, while the guarantee certificates are stored using blockchain technology.

An individual QR code is generated for each watch, which the owner can use to register his or her watch. In this way, every watch is protected against forgery by means of a “digital certificate”.

Handbuch für Investoren

Unser Handbuch enthält Informationen über die wichtigsten Vorteile der Schweiz als Wirtschaftsstandort sowie über das derzeitige Investitionsklima, die Produktionskosten, die Steuern, die Infrastruktur und neue Technologien, Finanzierungen und Rechtsangelegenheiten.

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