Basel company revolutionizes battery market

Innolith, a new battery technology company, has opened its global headquarters in Basel. The company has developed an innovative battery technology that offers significant advantages over organic lithium-ion batteries.

Image Credit: Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay

Innolith AG develops batteries based on unconventional, non-organic electrolytes, which offer advantages over organic lithium-ion batteries, including a long cycle life and non-flammable safety, according to a statement. There is the added bonus of the low costs per cycle, with the battery capable of over 50,000 charge-discharge cycles and a throughput of 60 gigawatt hours that is more than double that of earlier models.

The new Basel company’s batteries can be applied to power grids, helping prevent electricity outages and integrate renewable energies. This helps meet the increasing demand for charging stations for electric vehicles, while also securing reliable energy provision in energy-poor countries.

Innolith AG Chairman Alan Greenshields explained in the statement that the lithium-ion batteries were developed for consumer electronic products and later adapted for power grids. He said: “What the world needs is a safe battery that can operate over tens of thousands of cycles and still deliver the power needed. Innolith has created such a battery, which has been tested by third party labs and proven commercially in a demanding application.”

The technology’s efficacy has already been proven through the deployment of a prototype on the US grid. “Our task is to take the technology into large-scale production and we are at an advanced stage in achieving this,” commented CEO Sergej Buchin. Innolith plans to launch production in the coming year and proceed to mass production by 2020.

Following the opening of its global headquarters in Basel last week, the company is recruiting “employees for key corporate roles, including finance, human resources, supply chain and senior management”, explains another statement. “Basel, with its highly skilled workforce and established chemical-industry supplier base is the logical location for the headquarters of Innolith,” concluded Greenshields.

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