Sanofi collaborates with leadXpro

The French pharma giant Sanofi is working with leadXpro to research active substances. The startup from the canton of Aargau is contributing its cryo-electron microscopy capabilities.

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Sanofi and leadXpro are combining their expertise in structure-based drug discovery for a challenging drug target. The startup from Aargau is contributing its expertise in the field of single particle cryo-electron microscopy, which facilitates detailed visualization of viruses and membrane proteins. According to a statement, leadXpro will also support Sanofi in the protein sample generation.  

leadXpro is a spinoff from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and is headquartered in Villigen. Specializing in membrane proteins, the startup seeks to develop and optimize medical active ingredients. But it  also works with companies including the German chemicals giant BASF to research active agents for agricultural uses.

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