Switzerland Leads World Talent Ranking For Fifth Consecutive Year

Switzerland confirms its pole position as an important global talent hub for the fifth consecutive year in 2018. The yearly ranking issued by the Institute of Management Development (IMD) compares a country’s ability to attract and retain top talents.

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Switzerland remains top at attracting and retaining a highly-qualified workforce.

Switzerland firmly leads the latest edition of the recently published IMD World Talent Ranking for the fifth year in a row. The country is followed by Denmark, Norway, Austria and the Netherlands in the list.

The IMD World Talent Ranking 2018 evaluates the capability of 63 countries in developing, attracting and retaining talent. The assessment is based on three factors:

1. Investment and Development
2. Appeal, and
3. Readiness.

These factors include indicators that capture the resources invested in developing local talent, the extent to which a country attracts and retains talent, and the quality of skills available in the talent pool.

For the fifth year in a row, Switzerland confirms its role as an important global talent hub (read our article on last year’s ranking). The country ranks 4th in Investment and Development, and 1st in both the Appeal and Readiness factors.

Top marks for education system

Switzerland receives best marks for apprenticeships, health infrastructure, highly-skilled foreign personnel, remuneration in the services professions, remuneration of management, the education system, university education and management education. Other strengths include international experience, retaining human capital, and quality of life.

The Swiss education system enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. The high quality of professional training is a central pillar of the Swiss economy’s innovation and performance, an economy offering interesting jobs and excellent opportunities for motivated and qualified professionals and executives.

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(Source: Press Release IMD, 2018)

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