Autonomous air taxi takes off with Lucerne expertise

Boeing has completed the first test flight of its autonomous air taxi powered by an electric propulsion system. The airframe was largely developed by Aurora Swiss Aerospace in Lucerne.

Image Credit: Aurora Flight Sciences
Image Credit: Aurora Flight Sciences


Boeing has successfully completed the first test flight of its autonomous electric aircraft, it was reported in a press release. It was revealed that the prototype completed a controlled take-off, hover and landing during the flight. This aircraft is set to revolutionise urban transport and operate as an autonomous taxi in the air, which will prevent congestion and minimise commutes. The air taxi has a range of up to 80km and aircraft are being developed for both two and four passengers, plus space for luggage.

The electric air taxi has been created by Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing company which also has a subsidiary in Lucerne, Aurora Swiss Aerospace. According to information provided by the company, Aurora Swiss Aerospace played a significant part in the development of the airframe. This prototype was reportedly made in collaboration with a Swiss partner.

Aurora Swiss Aerospace specialises in the development of unmanned aircraft systems and manufactures prototypes of this kind. The company has been based in Lucerne since 2013 and employs around 30 staff.

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