Fact sheet on proofs of origin

In order to benefit from conventions such as free trade agreements, Swiss exporters must prove the origin of their goods. The Swiss Federal Customs Administration has now updated its fact sheet, which helps to establish the formal validity of proofs of origin.


The fact sheet now contains this additional information: digitally issued certificates of origin from China/certificates of origin from the CCPIT Visa Center can be verified on the internet (Sections 5.1 and 5.2 of the fact sheet).

The fact sheet is intended as an aid to assess the formal validity of a proof of origin and to provide information on:

  • EUR.1 Movement certificate.
  • Certificate of origin Japan-Switzerland
  • Certificate of origin GCC-EFTA
  • Certificate of origin China-Switzerland
  • Certificate of origin Form A
  • Declaration of origin under free trade agreements
  • Declaration of origin EUR-MED
  • Declaration on the invoice GSP for developing countries
  • Declaration of origin GSP for developing countries under the REX system (Registered Exporter)

The fact sheet from the Federal Customs Administration can be downloaded here.

Questions about the certificate of origin?

Contact our ExportHelp team. Qualified specialists with many years of export experience and sound knowledge provide you with information on all questions concerning export documents, free trade agreements and the origin of goods. You are guaranteed an initial response within 24 hours. There is no charge for any inquiries that can be answered immediately or need only a maximum of one hour's research.

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