How to find the right talents for your Polish branch

Experiences of Swiss companies with the challenges of the Polish labor market

The low unemployment rate of less than 4%, combined with a sustained economic boom, has quickly transformed Poland’s employer market into an employee market. Swiss companies based in Poland need to offer more to their employees in order to retain talent and serve their customers in the market in the best possible way.

Challenges in the Polish labor market: before signing anything
Challenges in the Polish labor market: before signing anything

Some 160,000 jobs are vacant, and half of all employers are reporting problems in recruiting new staff. As a result, wages are increasing. According to the Polish Office of Statistics, average pay increases in November 2018 were 7.7% year-over-year. For employers, this raises the question of how to recruit new workers and retain existing staff under these circumstances. These challenges are also faced by the Polish branches of Swiss companies, which employ around 45,000 people in Poland.

Swiss companies are counting on bonuses, company cars and good medical care

The Polish–Swiss Chamber of Commerce carried out a survey among nearly 50 Swiss companies in Poland, the “Human Capital Practices Survey 2018”. The results of the study were presented by Zbigniew Plaza (Boyden Executive Search Poland) during the Round Table Poland on November 22: Challenges on the HR Market event organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) at the headquarters of Brugg Rohrsystem AG.

According to the survey, the most common benefits offered by Swiss employers in Poland are bonuses (used in 90% of companies), followed by company cars (78%), medical care (76%) and insurance (66%). In addition, Swiss employers in Poland offer a range of different incentives. Flexible working hours (81%), working from home (70%), gym memberships (61%) and Christmas bonuses (58%) are the most popular.

Salary increase of more than 5%

For the year 2018, the companies participating in the study budgeted for average salary increases of 4.88%, though the actual increase amounted to 5.41%. Salary increases of 6.53% are expected for 2019. You can download the presentation that was shown during the event in Downloads.

Do you need support for your branch and expansion in Poland?

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