BRUSA turns to wireless charging

BRUSA Elektronik AG is expanding its activities in the field of inductive charging and will incorporate the experiences gained from an already-certified solution into a second generation of wireless charging.

Image Credit: BRUSA
Image Credit: BRUSA

BRUSA teamed up with engineers from BMW to develop a first inductive charging solution. “We are proud that we were able to develop this solution for BMW and thus make a significant contribution towards shaping the future of wireless charging,” BRUSA CEO Rainer Kern said in a press release. The inductive charging solution developed for BMW has already been certified according to the Wireless Power Transfer Standard IEC61980.

The experiences gained with the first generation product for BWM will now be incorporated in developing the second generation of inductive charging solutions. More concretely, the company from the St.GallenBodenseeArea is planning a modular system for wireless charging solutions in which a vehicle with a correspondingly adapted vehicle coil can be charged with 3.7 to 11 kilowatts via the base plate. The technology developed by BRUSA integrates the necessary power electronics into the base plate and other vehicle components.

In addition to saving installation space and costs, the process offers other advantages such as improved electromagnetic compatibility. What’s more, the vehicle remains “ready to drive” during wireless charging and avoids the “tedious” step of having to plug in or refuel the vehicle.

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