Finnova cooperating with Taxsource

The two fintech companies Finnova and Taxsource are joining forces. Finnova is integrating a Taxsource service for tax reporting into its banking software. Three banks have already become the first to use this shared reporting solution for their clients.

Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer at Finnova.
Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer at Finnova. Image credit: Finnova

The fintech company Finnova from Lenzburg is joining forces with Taxsource from Horgen ZH, it was revealed in a press release. Finnova is integrating Taxsource’s ALPHATAX tax solution into the Finnova Banking Software. ALPHATAX is “one of the leading tax solutions for over 20 foreign jurisdictions”.  Through this integration, Finnova intends to offer its bank clients tax reporting that is compliant with regulatory requirements. The new solution is reportedly already being used by Schaffhauser KantonalbankNeue Bank AG from Liechtenstein and  acrevis Bank AG from St.Gallen.

“Thanks to our additional partnership with Taxsource and its ALPHATAX solution, we are looking forward to being able to further expand the Finnova ecosystem with regard to tax reporting,” said Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer at Finnova. According to Christoph Rapp, CEO of Taxsource, the integration allows banks “to offer tax certificates that are compliant with regulatory requirements and easy to generate for bank clients with domicile in Switzerland”.

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