Switzerland contributes to IBM’s patent record

The IT giant IBM received a record number of 9,100 patents last year. This makes it once again the patent leader in the USA. Around 270 patents in 2018 hailed from IBM Research in the Greater Zurich Area.

IBM’s research laboratory in Rüschlikon
IBM Research in Rüschlikon was founded in 1956. In 2011 IBM also opened a Nanotechnology Center. Image Credit: IBM

Inventors at IBM received 9,100 patents last year, announced a statement. This sets another record and makes the IT giant the leading recipient of patents in the USA for the 26th year running. Almost half of the newly patented IBM inventions were in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, quantum computing and security.

Of the awarded patents, around 270 came from IBM’s research laboratory in Rüschlikon, according to an article on industry platform Among them is neuromorphic technology, or computer systems that are inspired by the biological architecture of the central nervous system. IBM inventors developed an application for creating neuromorphic synapses. The article also highlights an approach for the compression and deduplication of encrypted data.

IBM Research in Rüschlikon was founded in 1956 as the first IBM laboratory outside the USA. Today, it is one of 12 IBM sites with a research laboratory. Its research work ranges from nanotechnology and the development of future generations of computer systems and storage technologies to cloud computing, data protection, supercomputing and simulation, big data analytics and cognitive computing.

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