New software strengthens leadXpro

The Aargau-based biotech start-up leadXpro has licensed new software. Together with leadXpro’s proprietary technologies, it should help to determine new membrane protein samples, which can make a contribution to drug development processes.

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leadXpro is a spin-off of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). The start-up with headquarters in Villigen specializes in developing membrane protein samples. Membrane proteins could potentially be very important targets for future drugs as they are involved in the development of several diseases. leadXpro’s membrane protein samples accordingly facilitate various analyses as part of future drug development processes.

According to a press release, leadXpro has now made an investment in order to further strengthen its own competencies. In specific terms, the start-up has licensed the CryoSPARC software developed by Structura Biotechnology Inc., a company which is based in Canada. Together with leadXpro’s technologies, this software should allow the structure of membrane protein targets to be determined at very high resolutions. With the process data obtained using cryo-electron microscopy is analyzed.

Mathieu Botte of leadXpro commented: “Emboldened by the progress made in structural determination using high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy to identify lead molecules from membrane protein targets, leadXpro has now developed an effective and fully integrated platform that facilitates rapid feedback cycles and also accelerates progress”.

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