US company to support credentis in its expansion

Windisch-based start-up credentis is bringing its developments in the field of tooth decay prevention to the USA. It will be supported in its efforts by the US firm DentaQuest, which promotes innovative dental companies.

Image Credit: credentis

The start-up credentis develops dental solutions and products for the cosmetics industry. It is now seeking to expand into North America by introducing its products aimed at the prevention and early detection of tooth decay to this market. In this context, it has agreed a partnership with the US company DentaQuest, as detailed in a press release. DentaQuest will support credentis in its expansion efforts. Among other things, DentaQuest will market credentis products via its proprietary network of dental health centers.

According to information provided by DentaQuest, the company seeks to invest in innovative companies, technologies and products with the potential to revolutionize the dental health market. Kirill Zaydenman, Vice President of the Innovation Department at DentaQuest explains that, owing to this collaboration, DentaQuest will not only be offering Americans access to an innovative dental solution, but rather, in tandem with credentis, their mission is to additionally analyze the preventative benefits of the products and develop new ones together. “We are convinced that this unique preventative technology from credentis will not only improve patients’ health and treatment experience, but also reduce healthcare costs”, Zaydenman commented further.

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