Electric lorry weight reduced with ecovolta batteries

E-Force One AG from Nidwalden is the world’s first supplier of purely electric lorries. A partnership with the Swiss battery system manufacturer ecovolta will now help reduce battery weight and make vehicles lighter as a result.

Electric lorry
Image credit: E-Force One AG

E-Force One AG from Beckenried makes electric lorries and is the first supplier of such vehicles worldwide. Its latest development are lorries in the 18-ton class. The company is showcasing the new EF18 SZM semi-trailer lorry at The Smarter E Europe 2019 exhibition in mid-May. The vehicle is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors capable of outputting either 440 kW or 550 kW of power. The battery capacity is between 105 kWh and 630 kWh. This combination allows the vehicles to reach speeds of up to 85 km/h and climb inclines of up to 16 percent. Predecessor models are currently being used by companies such as Lidl and Coop, travelling up to 6,000 km per month each.

In a press release, E-Force One AG announced a strategic partnership with ecovolta, a division of technology company ecocoach AG from Brunnen SZ. In Brunnen, ecovolta makes high-capacity battery systems for mobility solutions. A patented battery concept from ecovolta enables the fully automated series production of high-current capable batteries which do not need active cooling. The company’s batteries will now be fitted in the electric lorries of E-Force One.

“Our electric heavy trucks require especially safe and flexible battery solutions with a high energy density,” explained Stefan Aufdereggen, CEO of E-Force One AG. “It is precisely in this area that ecovolta can show off the strength of its battery packs. Their high energy density reduces the weight of the battery, making the vehicle lighter as a whole.”

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