Switzerland has strongest change capability in the world

Switzerland has once again been ranked number one in the Change Readiness Index compiled by consultancy firm KPMG. This study explores which countries are most effectively prepared for change in the key areas of enterprise, government as well as people and civil society.

Source: KPMG

Switzerland has been ranked number one in the Change Readiness Index (CRI) compiled by KPMG for the second consecutive time. It is therefore the country in the world most able to rise to the challenges of the present and also exploit any opportunities in future.

The CRI Index measures the extent to which a country is prepared for long-term changes including technological, economic and social changes. It furthermore takes into account the ability to respond to sudden onset events, like natural disasters. In the context of this survey, climate change was identified as the most pressing issue being faced by current and future generations.

Switzerland makes the top three in all categories

The index measures a country’s change readiness within three key segments, namely enterprise, government as well as people and civil society. Enterprise capability assesses the ability of private and state-owned organizations to manage change and grow within a dynamic economic environment. Switzerland is the number one in the world in this category. Government capability explores the ability of governmental and public regulatory institutions to manage and influence change. Once again, Switzerland takes the top spot worldwide. The third category is people and civil society capability, so the ability of individual citizens and wider society to cope with change and respond to opportunities. In this area, Switzerland is third.

High income enables high readiness

In in the overall ranking, Switzerland is followed by Singapore, Denmark, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates. According to KPMG, the index shows that higher income economies are generally also high readiness countries. High incomes are reported for 28 out of the 30 countries with the top CRI ranking.

KPMG intends for the CRI to strengthen informed decision-making for investment. The tool can also improve government policy by highlighting areas in need of reform and help identify potential public and private sector partnerships. The CRI now covers 140 countries.

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