Aargau shrimp available at Swiss supermarkets

The start-up SwissShrimp AG is breeding sustainable salt-water shrimp near to Swiss Saltworks in Rheinfelden. This fresh seafood from the Aargau region is now available to buy in stores of Migros, one of the two big retailers in Switzerland.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Due to its landlocked nature, Switzerland is forced to import frozen salt-water shrimp. However, the start-up SwissShrimp is planning to change all this. In an aquaculture facility with a total of 16 tanks, the company is breeding salt-water shrimp in Switzerland. SwissShrimp is focused on sustainable production: the salt and thermal energy are provided by Swiss Saltworks in Rheinfelden. No antibiotics are added. At the end of the production process, the fresh shrimps are directly shipped to the customer.

According to a blog post from Migros, these Aargau shrimp are now available in Migros Basel stores. Customers stand to benefit from the short transportation routes. CEO Rafael Waber explains in the blog post: “We get a fresh yield each day. In this way, the shrimp reach customers within 24 hours without having to be shipped halfway across the world over several weeks.”

“Our plan to produce up to 60 tons of shrimp each year, thereby setting our business up as the polar opposite to imported mass-produced goods”, Waber continues. In total, there should be room for up to 1.2 million shrimp at the farm under full production conditions. Consideration is also paid to the welfare of the animals, with the lighting systems set up to imitate the day-night cycle of a location in the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, plastic structures designed to replicate caves and climbing plants offer the potential of retreat.

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