Salina Raurica is making good headway

The area of Salina Raurica East is to be developed into a strong research, commercial and residential center in the next few years. A jury has selected a proposal for the urban development of the district and construction work is due to start in 2023.

Salina Raurica visualization.
Salina Raurica visualization. Image credit: Losinger Marazzi

The Salina Raurica East area, covering 200,000 m², is one of the most important urban development projects in the Greater Basel region. With direct connections to the motorway, the suburban railway and a new tramline, the area has ideal transport links. According to a joint press release by the canton of Basel-Landschaft, the municipality of Pratteln and the construction company Losinger Marazzi: “This district in the Basel region has a unique opportunity to create an innovative and sustainable microcosmos”. 

An interdisciplinary assessment board has now chosen the urban planning design for developing the area. The proposal by Hosoya Schaefer Architects from Zurich was unanimously recommended for further development. This concept envisages that the area will be split into three zones. In the west there will be a working zone in the area of the railway station with research facilities, offices and commercial buildings, in the center a residential zone with green inner courtyards and in the east the existing park will be extended to 2.5 hectares. 2500 people will be able to live in the area.

A master plan will be drawn up. Losinger Marazzi and the landowners are going to develop a pilot project for up to 80,000 m². This pilot project is expected to be implemented by 2023 at the earliest. 

Salina Raurica East is part of an area encompassing parts of the municipalities of Pratteln and Augst. In 2009 the canton of Basel-Landschaft approved a special cantonal spatial plan for Salina Raurica to develop the area with around 60 hectares of building land.

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