Nexxiot digitalizes Unilode’s air freight fleet

Nexxiot is now the official partner of Unilode Aviation Solutions. Together, the two companies want to realize a globally unique project: digitalizing Unilode’s entire ULD fleet.

Nexxiot CEO Helmut Kaspers.
Nexxiot CEO Helmut Kaspers. Image credit: Nexxiot AG

The specialists for applied digital logistics solutions Nexxiot has agreed a collaboration with Unilode Aviation Solutions. According to a press release, Nexxiot will seek to digitalize all Unilode loading devices within the next 18 months. To this end, Nexxiot will equip all unit load devices (ULDs) used by the Unilode fleet with Bluetooth sensors. This globally unique project will facilitate continuous, automated tracking of ULDs both on the ground and in the air for the first time.

Nexxiot is a spin-off affiliated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). The IT firm is a pioneer and industry leader in the development and delivery of digital supply chain management solutions. Since September 2018, the two companies have been testing their potential collaboration. In this context, Nexxiot has so far equipped 10,000 ULDs from Unilode’s ULD fleet of 125,000 – the largest in the world – with what are known as “digital twins”. They can be tracked by customers via a neutral user interface.

“We have high standards and equally high demands for the companies we cooperate with”, commented Benoît Dumont, CEO of Unilode Aviation Solutions. He explained further: “After a long review, it turned out that Nexxiot is currently the only supplier worldwide with whom we can implement this kind of project in such a short time”.

The strategic partnership with Unilode is an important step for Nexxiot in scaling its business model, Nexxiot CEO Helmut Kaspers said. “For the first time, we are now developing solutions to digitize the air freight market and make the handling of ULDs transparent worldwide. We achieve this by combining freight and movement data”. Nexxiot’s “extensive experience in the rail segment” will be of help in this mission.

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