Switzerland rated favourite country for expats

Switzerland has been rated the best country in the world for international workers. It ranked top in a survey conducted by the British large bank HSBC, with expats favouring Switzerland’s high salaries and the high quality of life.

Expats also value the good air quality and the nice scenery in Switzerland. Image Credit: Kanton Glarus, Samuel Trümpy Photography

Switzerland has for the first time topped the Expat Explorer Survey conducted by the British large bank HSBC, coming in ahead of Singapore and Canada. It is not the first time Switzerland has fared well among expats, however. Since 2011, it has ranked in the Top 10. 

High quality of life

HSBC attributes Switzerland’s inaugural top ranking in part to its improved quality of life, with 82 per cent of the respondents saying that quality of life here had become even better. Expats also appreciate the country’s good air quality and low crime rate, as well as the “breathtaking scenery”.  

Above average salaries

Particularly popular among international workers in Switzerland are the high salaries. 71 per cent of the survey participants enjoy a high level of disposable income thanks to an average annual salary of 110,000 Swiss francs compared to a global average of around 75,000 francs. Despite these high salaries, expats do not feel overworked. 59 per cent of the respondents said the work-life balance in Switzerland was better than in their home country.  

Expats also value Switzerland’s very stable economy. While 49 per cent of expats worldwide are worried about the economy in their adopted country, the figure is only 20 per cent in Switzerland. 

Good education system draws families

Expats also see Switzerland as a brilliant place to bring up children. Around 60 per cent of the respondents said that since moving here, their children had shown more self-confidence and improved skills. More than half reported that their children had access to better education in Switzerland than in their home country. 

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