Switzerland boasts excellent connectivity

Switzerland has been placed second worldwide in the Connectivity Index compiled by Carphone Warehouse. It impressed in areas including rail infrastructure, advanced 5G deployment and per capita gross domestic product, scoring highly.

Switzerland scored highly for the quality of its rail infrastructure. Image Credit: Dario Haeusermann/SBB

The UK mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has compiled a ranking of the most connected countries in the world. This took into account 16 different metrics that were regarded as significant in this respect, including ICT and mobility infrastructure.

Switzerland impresses for road and rail infrastructure

Switzerland has been placed second in the Connectivity Index, with only the USA performing better. Switzerland also scored highly for the high quality of its rail infrastructure. In the corresponding category, it was the only country to be awarded the maximum of ten points. It was also the only one in the rankings to score ten points for road quality.

Top spot in 5G deployment

The position at the top of the rankings is moreover due to Switzerland’s commitments in the areas of ICT, again alone in scoring ten points for 5G network deployment. South Korea was second in this category with 7.8 points. Most countries in the ranking failed to score even one point for this metric. The USA was awarded 1.6 points.

What’s more, Switzerland stood out for per capita gross domestic product (10 points) and the power of the Swiss passport (9.8 points).

Overall, the Connectivity Index examined 34 countries. The USA and Switzerland were followed by the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and China, while Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Cambodia brought up the rear of the rankings.

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