Eastern Swiss companies fly to space

Synopta GmbH develops alignment modules for space travel. Now, it is expanding its production by working with APM Technica. Going forward, the modules will be assembled entirely in the St.GallenBodenseeArea.

Lasers are used at ESA, for example, by optical ground stations. Image: Flickr/ Victor R. Ruiz
Lasers are used at ESA, for example, by optical ground stations. Image: Flickr/ Victor R. Ruiz

Two highly specialized companies from the St.GallenBodenseeArea are working more closely together. Founded in 2004, Synopta GmbH in Eggersriet SG produces alignment modules that align laser beams for transmitting information. Since 2014, European Space Agency (ESAsatellites have been using these modules to communicate with earth

In future, the satellites will contain a larger number of smaller modules, which must be produced more cheaply and in bigger batches. As the canton of St.Gallen’s location promotion organization writesAPM Technica in Heerbrugg has proved to be a competent partner for the development and serial production of these smaller modules. To accommodate the work, the company is expanding its existing clean room infrastructure to 50 square meters. Now, Synopta’s alignment modules can be assembled entirely in the canton of St.Gallen, removing the need for individual steps to be completed abroad as before.

APM Technica is based in Heerbrugg and since 1992, has been active in the field of optical binding and surface technologies, and in optical precision subassemblies. Its partnership with Synopta was facilitated by the cantonal location promotion organization

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