moya kala introduces sustainability into the fashion industry

Obwalden-based start-up moya kala sells lingerie made from environmentally friendly textiles. It will now test if customers prefer to buy items made in Switzerland. The company’s goal is to create more transparency in the fashion industry.

Image Credit: moya kala

Start-up moya kala, which is based in Sarnen in the canton of Obwalden, sells sustainably produced lingerie and loungewear.

“We intentionally purchase environmentally friendly materials in an effort to prevent women in the textile supply chain from coming into contact with toxic chemicals,” said founder Claudine Tanner. “We also promote fair salaries and good working conditions among our production partners.”

Tanner calls the fashion industry one of the biggest polluters in the world, something that moya kala wants to help change: “We stand for fairness, transparency and sustainability.”

moya kala’s products are currently manufactured by a family business in Bulgaria using recycled polyamide that comes entirely from industrial waste.

“In the long term, it makes sense to recycle existing resources, which is why we are focusing on recycled materials. Now is the time to make more conscious purchases in order to minimize waste and enjoy our products for longer,” explained Tanner.

moya kala now also wants to explore if it should produce its collections in Switzerland in an effort to support the local textile industry.

“We want to find out if customers are ready to purchase locally sewn loungewear products and whether it makes a difference if the products are manufactured in Switzerland or Bulgaria,” Tanner said. To this end, some of the items will be produced by LU Couture in Willisau in the canton of Lucerne.

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