Switzerland is the second-strongest brand in the world

The brand of Switzerland is the second-strongest national brand in the world according to a new report published by Brand Finance. Switzerland also places highly in an international comparison of the most valuable brands.

Switzerland is the second-strongest national brand in the world according to a new report. Image Credit: Pixabay

The brand valuation specialists Brand Finance assesses the value of national brands on an annual basis. According to the company, the reputation of a country has a huge influence on the brands established there. A good reputation is therefore said to be one of the most important assets a country can have.

Swiss brand is the second-strongest in the world

The study firstly examines the strength of national brands, before looking into their financial value. Switzerland was awarded a score of 89.9 points out of 100 for brand strength. While this is slightly down on the previous year (90.1 points), Switzerland did still manage to defend second place in the rankings, making it the second-strongest brand in the world. First place went to Singapore with 90.5 points (previous year: 92.4 points).

Brand value of just under 1 trillion dollars

When looking at the financial values of the national brands, Switzerland again performs well and is ranked among the leading contenders. The market value of the Swiss brand stands at 949 billion dollars, according to the study. This puts Switzerland into 16th place in an international comparison (previous year: 15th place). The USA boasts the most valuable national brand, followed by China, Germany and Japan.

According to the study, Switzerland takes the usage of the “Swiss” brand very seriously. The Swiss government has defined with high precision exactly what constitutes “Swiss made”. Watches, chocolate and cheese all benefit particularly strongly from the Swiss brand, the report states.

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