Switzerland is a talent magnet

Switzerland remains the global leader in recruiting and employing top talent. It took first place ahead of Denmark and Sweden in the World Talent Ranking Report compiled by the Lausanne-based IMD Business School.

Switzerland is the most appealing country to talents, according to a new study. Image Credit: Pixabay

Switzerland has claimed top spot in the World Talent Ranking Report compiled by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) for the sixth time in a row. Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Luxembourg follow in the places immediately below Switzerland. The upper echelons of the rankings were primarily occupied by European countries, with Singapore (10th place) the only non-European country to make the top ten.

Switzerland is the most appealing country

Three main categories – investment and development, appeal and readiness – were used by the IMD to determine the rankings. In terms of investment and development, for example, a country’s expenditure on education and healthcare infrastructure was analyzed. For appeal, aspects of the respective countries that impress talented individuals were examined, while readiness focuses on growth in the respective labor markets and the number of specialists or experts already in place.

For appeal, Switzerland was ranked in first place, while it also secured second place in the two other main categories. Overall, Switzerland scored 100 points – way ahead of Denmark (90.80 points) and Sweden (86.94 points).

Experts value high standard of living

The IMD identifies Switzerland’s major strengths as being apprenticeships and executive training. Furthermore, the high standard of living and high purchase power also both play an important part for expats. According to the rankings, Switzerland is also highly attractive to well-educated professional experts in particular. In this regard, Switzerland has been able to attract many specialists from overseas.

The IMD interviewed more than 6,000 executives in 63 national economies for this study.

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