WEYTEC develops modern air traffic controller workplaces

WEY Technology (WEYTEC) from the Greater Zurich Area and American Raytheon Company have signed a partnership agreement. They plan to develop the next generation of air traffic controller workplaces.

Image Credit: Business Wire

Air traffic controllers in the USA use a system developed by Raytheon Company to provide safe and efficient aircraft spacing and sequencing guidance for aircraft at airports. Now, the American company is working with WEYTEC to bring this system up to date. It will deploy a smart technology developed by WEYTEC to safeguard the transmission, control, distribution and display of real-time data, announced a statement

“Our integrated KVM (keyboard video mouse) solutions are autonomous, scalable and IP-based, which makes them ideal for complex multiscreen workplaces like those found in air traffic control management," explained Armin Klingler, Chairman of the Board of WEYTEC.

According to the statement, WEYTEC and Raytheon have developed a next-generation air traffic controller workplace concept called Multi-platform ATC Re-hosting Solution, or MARS. The aim is to “replace current systems with advanced, modern workstations that seamlessly integrate flight-critical applications, such as surveillance, weather, flight and airport data, onto touchscreens for enhanced airspace management”, it writes.

IT company WEYTEC is based in the the canton of Zurich and has global operations. Its KVM solutions switch and distribute information sources in any combination to an unlimited number of desks, video walls and screens.

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