Barry Callebaut launches milk-free chocolate

Barry Callebaut has developed the first chocolate to not contain milk. As a substitute, the chocolate manufacturer has used plant-based raw materials exclusively available to the company. Barry Callebaut is therefore reacting to the rising demand for vegan products.

Image Credit: Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut is launching a plant-based product range for the production of chocolates, as announced by the Zurich-based chocolatier in a press release. This Plant Craft product range also includes the first totally milk-free chocolate in the form of “M_lk Chocolate”. It is produced using plant-based raw materials extracted from a root and to which Barry Callebaut has exclusive access. Researchers at Barry Callebaut have been working on this development for two years.

Barry Callebaut will manufacture the new chocolate at a new production facility, which will not be used for the production of conventional, milk-based products. Barry Callebaut expects capacity to reach several thousand tons. The first production facility will be located in Norderstedt in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and will go into operation from the first half of 2021. 

The Zurich-based chocolate manufacturer and supplier is therefore reacting to the growing demand for vegan products. “The next generation of consumers is looking for experiences that are tasty, healthy and good for the planet”, explains Pablo Perversi, Chief Innovation, Sustainability and Quality Officer and Head of Gourmet at Barry Callebaut, in the press release. He adds: “We want to be at the side of industry during the plant-based revolution.”

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