Swiss21 launches new version of SME software

The update to Swiss21’s software solution for SME administration has gone live online. The cloud-based solution 21.AbaNinja now allows up to 70 banks and financial service providers to be connected. This should guarantee an overview of a company’s liquidity at all times.

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The software developed by Swiss21 offers a new function, as detailed in a press release. Now, up to 70 banks and financial services providers can be connected to the 21.AbaNinja platform. Following a one-time connection process, payment transactions can be directly transferred to e-banking and account statements can be automatically accessed. The connection to these banks does not need to be re-established for every synchronization.

In a next step, credit cards from Cornèrcard and other banks are also to be integrated in the Swiss21 ecosystem at some point over the next few weeks. Then, also Autonomous Live Accounting, a product developed by Abacus, will be available via the digital platform. helps Swiss start-ups, SMEs and associations to digitalize their business processes. To this end, the company, which was formed in 2017, offers a free, cloud-based end-to-end solution for office administration. This aims to advance digitalization of SMEs and the Swiss economy in general. During the first half of 2020, HR functions are also set to be added to the platform.

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