Digital Health: Swiss solutions are in demand

The effects of COVID-19 are having a major impact on the development of digital healthcare solutions all over the world. Innovative Swiss companies are coming up trumps with products and services like robots, virtual medical practices or symptom checkers via smartphone. Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supports up-and-coming companies on their journey to internationalization.

Robot Lio from F&P Robotics in use as movement trainer.
Robot Lio from F&P Robotics in use as movement trainer.

The current corona crisis is greatly accelerating digitization in healthcare. At both national and international levels, the search is on for fast and simple digital solutions to relieve the pressure on health workers, accelerate processes and simplify procedures.

Swiss companies are innovation drivers: they are highly competitive and are way ahead in terms of knowledge in many areas of healthcare. As this outline map of health trends shows, Swiss startups operating in the area of digital health employ innovative technologies across a wide range of health-related areas: data management, tracking, monitoring, care, and many more.

Our customers are sought-after digital health pioneers both here and abroad: A few examples

F&P Robotics AG: The Lio robot is a care assistant that is much in demand during the Corona crisis; the Swiss company is currently equipping it with Corona-specific functionalities. For example, Lio can offer drinks, assist in disinfecting the environment, interact with people, hold a conversation and provide information. Headquartered in Glattbrugg and with a branch office in China, the company specializes in secure robotics technology and artificial intelligence.  > Learn more about F&P Robotics

CARU: As a contribution to the current global health crisis, the AgeTech company CARU is making its digital roommate available to private customers from Easter 2020 - 6 months earlier than planned. Because in times like these, grandma and grandpa need very special care. But social distancing makes care more difficult. CARU is the solution: Even when there is physical distance, CARU brings the family closer together. With two intuitively operated functions, the Family Chat in everyday life and the emergency call in case of emergency, the family can stay in touch with each other via CARU at all times. CARU only requires a power outlet for installation. Customers in Switzerland can order CARU - initially in German - from Easter onwards in the Webshop. > Learn more about CARU

eedoctors AG: Contact a doctor and receive a professional consultation without leaving the house. This promise made by the Bern-based startup, eedoctors, fits especially well with customer requirements in these times of coronavirus. A virtual medical practice provides clear advantages: there is no risk of infection and the app can be used worldwide. eedoctors is currently offering to help primary care physicians make the transition from physical practice to online video practice. Here you can find an explanation of how doctors can care for their patients using video consultations. > Learn more about eedoctors

MiSANTO AG: MiSANTO's smartphone app is a pocket-sized personal health record: it can check symptoms – including symptoms of coronavirus – and makes around-the-clock telemedical consultation possible. The Thurgau-based startup’s services are currently helping the Canton of Thurgau to clarify symptoms and provide medical advice to (at-risk) patients. > Learn more about MiSANTO

Sleepiz AG: The Zurich-based company turns your home into a sleep laboratory. It combines hardware and software with millimeter wave technology, sensor fusion and machine learning to wirelessly study patients’ sleep behavior and identify sleep disorders that are treatable. Its technology enables people with sleep problems to develop analyses and measures from home, which will allow them to avoid a hospital visit for the time being. > Learn more about Sleepiz

Innovative healthtech companies wanted

Switzerland Global Enterprise supports Swiss and Liechtenstein companies with their internationalization. We network you with potential partners, supply you with relevant contacts, keep you up to date on important developments in the global markets and show you new business opportunities. Interested? Contact Nadja Kolb, our digital health expert, for more information.



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