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The first ever digital initiative for design “Digital Design Week” was launched on the 15th June 2020 with a vast array of activities which, at least initially, were thought as a sort of replacement for the physical event cancelled due to the current security measures of COVID-19.

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What is the “Digital Design Week”? A digital event created and promoted by the design specialist platform aimed at single brands/designers and collective projects with specific supporting actions:

  • A dedicated showcase within the portal
  • Marketing promotion through website, newsletters etc.
  • Dedicated webinar
  • Dedicated web article

The format proves particularly efficient for smaller companies which cannot invest many resources but still want to try a first international exposure. Some advantages are:

  • Interaction to an international public
  • Professional networking (Distributors, press, architecture studios)
  • Brand empowerment

Collective projects are called itineraries and have the advantage to attract visitors thanks to a strong and consistent presence.
The Swiss Design District is one of these itineraries particularly thought for smaller companies which wanted to experience a first international and qualified exposure.

Other itineraries were in the 2020 edition as for instance:

  • Belgium is Design (103 digital exhibitors)
  • Fuorisalone Japan (22 digital exhibitors)
  • Design Francais à Milan (17 digital exhibitors)

Fabian Bolliger, one of the participating designer to the Swiss Design District comments his participation: “I really liked this new format, as it was for me a good possibility to show my work to more people that are specifically interested in what I'm doing. It also was great for me, because I didn't have to bring all my furniture to Milano, so this saved me a lot of costs. To show my work in a proper way was really easy because of the webinar program and the possibility to show Videos and Photos.”

Interested? Let’s get in touch for future design initiatives. The virtual space is still visible through September 2020.

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