Aqua4D’s « made in Valais » technology adopted in 46 countries

The technology developed by Aqua4D enables farmers to save up to 30% of their irrigation water, and has convinced more than 46 countries to adopt the Valais-based company's innovative solutions.

Aqua4D Irrigation Solution
From responsible production to clean energy to tackling water scarcity, Aqua4D meets a total of 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. | Copyright Aqua4D

For many years, Aqua4D has been developing innovative solutions supporting sustainable development by optimizing water efficiency and reducing chemical discharges in several industrial sectors. In 2019, its "made in Valais" products have reached Chile, bringing the number of countries importing Aqua4D's installations to 46.

Aqua4D's technology promotes sustainable agriculture by saving water and solving problems related to soil salinity, saline water, biofilm, clogging and nematodes. By modifying the behavior of mineral and organic matter in the water, the technology of the Valais-based company allows for a better dissolution and distribution of minerals in the water, a better water retention of the soil and a better absorption of minerals by plants, while maintaining a healthy bacterial life. Respectful of the environment, the solution does not involve the use of chemicals and has very low electricity consumption (small solar panels can be used as a power supply).

Strong institutional support for a fast-growing industry

After receiving funding from the EU's Horizon 2020 program and support from the Solar Impulse Foundation, CleanTech Alps and the Swiss Confederation, Aqua4D has been recognized as a major player in improving the efficiency of irrigation systems while contributing to several of the United Nations' Sustainable Development goals.

The innovation unit of The Ark Foundation also helped the company to market its product as early as 2007, and Aqua4D received the "Most Promising European Cleantech Start-Up" award in 2009.

Handbook for Investors

Our Handbook for Investors provides valuable information about technologies and production costs, taxes and financing, as well as the legal system and infrastructure in Switzerland. Browse through the complete handbook online or download the chapters most relevant to you.

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